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Category Title id Version Exclude Note
apps Firefox org.mozilla.firefox 81.1.1 Android TV,armeabi-v7a
apps Firefox org.mozilla.firefox 80.1.3 Android TV,arm64-v8a
apps Firefox 4.6 Android ATV version from Amazon Fire Stick
apps Kodi org.xbmc.kodi 18.8 armeabi-v7a
apps Kodi org.xbmc.kodi 18.8 arm64-v8a
apps Yahoo Weather 1.30.55 Android TV
games BADLAND com.frogmind.badland
games Orbia com.joxdev.orbia 1.075
games PBA Bowling com.concretesoftware.pbachallenge_androidmarket 3.8.20
games Red Ball 4 1.4.21
games Trials Frontier com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp 7.9.1 armeabi-v7a
games Trials Frontier com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp 7.9.1 arm64-v8a
preinstalled Android TV Home 2.2.2-328601804-f Android
preinstalled Gboard Android
preinstalled Live Channels 1.25(live_channels_20200610.00_RC00) Android
preinstalled Netflix 7.3.3 build 3580 Android
preinstalled Play Films et TV Android
preinstalled Play Jeux 2020.08.20616 (329532961.329532961-000306) Android
preinstalled Play Musique 8.18.7847-3.L Android
preinstalled Play Store 21.7.28-21 [8] [PR] 329846665 Android
preinstalled Red Bull TV Android
preinstalled YouTube 2.10.17 Android
preinstalled YouTube 15.38.34 Android TV
tools DRMInfo com.androidfung.drminfo Android
tools X-plore com.lonelycatgames.Xplore 4.22.00
tools Kore org.xbmc.kore v2.5.1 Android TV
tools QuickSupport 15.9.128 Android
tools TrueConf com.trueconf.videochat Android